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Founded in 1988, Joinery Structures is a design-build studio and mill specializing in custom projects that integrate sustainable wood practices, innovative design, and precision craftsmanship.

Founder and principal, Paul Discoe, is a renowned Japanese master builder and Zen Buddhist teacher. Paul studied architecture as a Buddhist temple builder in Kyoto, Japan for five years during the 1970s. Upon returning to the United States, Paul founded Joinery Structures to continue pursuing his passion for Asian architecture. By personally training his team in Japanese techniques and representing the architectural process as an embodiment of Zen practice, Paul has helped introduce Asian architecture to the Western world.

Joinery Structures is locally and globally recognized for its ability to design and build beautiful spaces and innovative structures. With thoughtful project management, the Joinery Structures team exhibits exceptional skill and knowledge in design, wood milling, construction, and eco-sustainability.

Joinery Structures selects reclaimed timbers from the local urban forest for all of its projects, which are stored and milled at its facility in Oakland, CA.